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Main Activities Of Rad Mechanic Ahvaz Company:

The vision of the company is to provide the best services with the highest level of quality compared to other competitors and considering all aspects of health, safety and environment

Construction of oil and gas transmission line projects
Construction of well facility projects
Construction of Pipeline Inspection Gauge stations
Construction of refinery, petrochemical and power plant projects

Our Services

We provide the best services

Basic Design and Detailed Design

Implementation, Installation
and commissioning of the project

Project Management

Supply Services

Why Us?

This company is proud to carry out specific tasks and complete projects according to the schedule of the employer with the highest standards. Relying on the equipment and machines and well-equipped workshops, as well as using the experience of its executive staff and engineers and more than 37 years of experience in various projects, the Rad Mechanics Company of Ahvaz has been able to complete its projects in accordance with the highest quality standards and in the shortest time.

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